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Mister B FIST Lube



Best for Heavy Play - Long Lasting Jelly Formula

Mister B FIST is a popular lube for men. The silicone/water hybrid is jelly-like and formulated to be an extra long lasting lube for heavy anal play, marathon sessions and larger sex toys. Made from high quality medical grade ingredients, it is safe for all types of sexual activities and even the most sensitive skin types. There is no lingering after taste so the only gagging you do will be consensual.

Mister B FIST is a safe choice for use with all types of sex toys including those made of soft silicone, glass, latex, metal and rubber. While the 500ml tub is an economical option, our customers also enjoy the 200ml pump bottle for ease of use mid session.


Why You'll Like It:

  • Medical grade ingredients
  • Perfect lube for condoms
  • Extra long lasting lube
  • Will not stain your sheets
  • Tasteless, non toxic formula
  • Non allergenic
  • Contains no preservatives
  • Fragrance and oil free
  • Vegan formula not tested on animals

Available Sizes:

  • 200ml pump bottle
  • 500ml tub

How it Compares:

Compared to Boy Butter Original - 

Boy Butter is another long lasting lube for sensitive skin. It is slightly lower in price than Mr. B FIST however, our customers generally prefer to pay only slightly more for a lube that is more versatile and compatible with condoms and all types of toys. We find the packaging of Mr. B FIST to be more attractive on the bed side table as well.