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Mister B LOAD Hybrid Lube



Customer Favorite - Hybrid Water & Silicone Based Lube

Mister B LOAD is a fantastic white & creamy lubricant (cum lube) that looks and feels like your own load. If you've never tried a hybrid lube before you are in for a pleasant surprise. The silicones in Mister B LOAD ensure a silky soft and long lasting effect, and the water ensures it’s easy to wash off. Mister B LOAD is the preferred lube for anal sex as it ensures a smooth entry and decreases the chances of condom failure.

  • Compatible with all sex toys including soft silicone models such as Fleshjack and Tenga as well as latex, glass, metal, rubber, neoprene, fabric & more
  • Perfect lube for condoms
  • Will not stain your sheets
  • Popular choice for solo play and masturbating cream

Mister B LOAD is sold here in 2 convenient sizes including a 50ml travel size lube.

Why You'll Like It:

  • Medical grade ingredients
  • Extra long lasting lube
  • Tasteless, non toxic formula
  • Non allergenic
  • Contains no preservatives
  • Fragrance and oil free
  • Vegan formula not tested on animals

Available Sizes:

  • 50ml
  • 250ml

How it Compares:

Compared to Spunk Lube - 

While slightly less viscous than Spunk Lube right out of the bottle, the Mister B LOAD hybrid lube loosens up once applied and forms a very convincing load as it drips. The slightly thicker texture made it less messy than Spunk Lube. Mister B LOAD is preferred by many for use with masurbators because it didn't reduce the sensation of the sleeves. Customers have also reported they enjoyed the more realistic look and feel when using the butt Fleshjack.

Our customers also preferred the more discrete and plain packaging over other brands in addition to a name that wasn't so explicit.