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Urban Beard - Beard Comb

$10.85 CAD


For Even The Most Unruly Beards

Urban Beard's polished sawcut comb is specially designed to be gentle on hair and skin. Used to tame even the most unruly beards, it has both fine and coarse tooth sections for easy styling. Our customers enjoy the faux tortoiseshell finish and being able to easily fit the 127mm comb in a pocket.

Consider using the Urban Beard Conditioning Cleanser along with a Beard Butter or Beard Oil to keep your beard soft and manageable. 


    Why Should You Comb Your Beard?

    • Helps to prevent ingrown hairs
    • Lines up the hairs to make your beard appear fuller
    • Removes any food particles hiding and trains hairs around your mouth to grow in the right direction
    • Evenly distributes your moisturizing beard oil or beard butter
    • Helps to style your beard and keep hairs soft and manageable