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Swiss Navy® All Natural Lubricant



Swiss Navy ® All Natural Water Based Lubricant

Swiss Navy® premium personal lubricants are setting the standard in today's marketplace. The finest ingredients available are blended into this unique formula for exceptional glide and slickness.

Our Swiss Navy® Lubricants have patented leak-proof locking pumps on every bottle which  make them very travel-friendly and spill-proof via the locking pump. Our uniquely designed bottles have a high-end look designed to be kept on the nightstand, not in it.

Our Swiss Navy® Water Based lubricant has a viscosity unlike any other water-based lubricant. It comes out like a gel and liquefies with friction so it stays where you put it.
Swiss Navy Water Based Lubricant provides a silky feeling comparable to silicone while being toy and condom compatible, as well as easy to clean up. 


Additional Information:

Safe for condom use, test first on toys (as always).