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Men’s Room – Chicago Sweatpants



Quality Product for Quality Warmth

Men’s Room Chicago partners with our friends from Barcode Berlin to bring you all the cold-time essentials. Weather you are going out to the club, staying warm traveling between go-go gigs, or lounging around with friends, Men’s Room has you covered with new, stylish fits and timeless silhouettes – and it’s got pockets! Each garment features a Men’s Room “Manny” embroidered on the front and a “Barcode Berlin” signature tag on the back!
Made out of 100% cotton for a sustainable eco-friendly life-cycle of the garment. Be sure to wash on cold and tumble dry low or (better yet) hang to dry to add to the life-span of your favorite clothes.

Product is for the United States shop only. For the Canada shop, please click HERE.

Free domestic shipping in the USA for orders over $50!