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Men’s Room Leather – SFO Harness



Easily Adapted to Every Body Type with Snap Adjustments

The SFO Harness provides a classic look for every occasion! Made from 100% high quality leather with 1” wide straps and industrial grade stainless steel finishings, this sexy leather harness is made to last. This harness looks especially complimentary on thinner body types that are too slim for our traditional bull-dog style.

Sizing & Fit:

S / M – Under 6’1 or if your chest is under 46 inches at its widest point, typically measuring from just under the armpits 

L / XL – If you are over 6’1 or if you have a chest that measures over 46 inches from its widest point. 

Not sure where to start? Generally, your T-shirt size will be the same as your harness size: Small and Medium will fit S/M harness comfortably. The same applies for the L/XL and XXL. We strongly recommend using the measurements provided. 

Leather Maintenance:

Men’s Room leather chest harnesses can easily be maintained with occasional use of Saddle Soap, 3-in-One Conditioner, and Black Dubbin.  

Proudly made in Canada

Product is for the United States shop only. For the Canada shop, please click HERE.

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