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Shot City Games – Secrets & Shots



Secrets & Shots Description – Secrets & Shots is a sensual and fun confessional game that brings the forbidden secrets to light and spills the tea (gossip) with rounds of shots for those trying to escape. Have fun, be safe, and drink responsibly.  This game is for ages 21 years and up. It is best for groups of 4 or more but can play with less.

Includes – 

It includes 215 cards and 1 instruction and disclaimer card. 

How to play –

Any player can go first and the cards are in no particular order. Grab a card, read aloud (do not read answers aloud on some cards) and do as instructed. As you play, put cards to the side and do not put them back into the pile you picked from. This game becomes extremely fun when you’re honest and open minded. Strongly advised not to play with kids or parents or family members as this is a sexual game. This game is for ages 21 or older. For men, women, all genders and identities. It is highly recommended to form a circle to really enjoy this game. This is a no judgment zone kind of game. Well maybe lol.


By purchasing our games you are releasing us from liability from any actions taken while playing. Alcohol is not required to play any of our games and we do not encourage underage alcohol consumption or excessive drinking. Know your limits and please drink responsibly. 

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