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P&C Creations - Bulldog Harness Trifold



P&C Creations Leather D Ring Bulldog Harness Various Color Options 

This D Ring Bulldog harness will have you standing out in even the most crowded bar or club. It crosses the chest perfectly above the pecs, while the industrial grade hardware finishes are sure to catch anyone’s eye. Easily adjustable, this leather chest harness can change size if you do. The chest piece should always be sitting two finger widths below your collar bone in order to sit properly and comfortably.

Sizing & Fit:

S / M – if your chest is 34-44 inches at its widest point, typically measuring from just under the arm pits

L / XL –if your chest is 42-48 inches from its widest point, typically measuring from just under the arm pits

Leather Maintenance:

Men's Room leather chest harnesses can easily be maintained with occasional use of Mister B Leather Cream.

About the manufacturer:

P&C Creations is located in Muskegon Michigan and includes a newly expanded shop. Claude "CJ" Vaillancourt is the principle designer who has been creating unique leather items since the early 90's. Men’s Room Chicago offers a full inventory of in house products offered by P&C, updated monthly. Now available through, items will be updated monthly so be sure to check back frequently!