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Jackhammer at Club 120



JACKHAMMER is back and this time we're bringing it to Club 120 on Friday, January 25th from 10PM - 3AM

with music from 

Leonardo Franco
Aeryn Pfaff
Matthew Mercury

Fetish performance by Jasper Delay Spark and hosted by

Bobby Bowen
Mango Sassi (Jason Charles Hatton)
QTPUP666 (Mitch Duncan)
Chill_Papi (Anthony Maganja)
Matthew Chiu

Door by CUTEOTTER (Polo Izquierdo)

All genders welcome, Sex-positive environment, Anything goes
No room for discrimination, Good vibes only, Consent is sexy, We can't wait to see you!

Poster art by the extremely talented Mitch Duncan. Online tickets are $7 with a $1 service fee. Tickets will be $10 at