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Men's Room - YVR Harness



Easily Adapted to Every Body Type

This expertly hand-sewn and crafted harness will perfectly show off your body in every situation. Hand made in Canada from 1.5" inch wide high-quality Korean leather and industrial grade stainless steel finishing's, the YVR harness is made to mold itself to your body and last for years. With the vertical strap on the front and horizontal strap on the back, the YVR will create a sexy, balanced look and you will feel like you're wearing the perfect kinky second skin.

To put on the YVR, simply undo one of the straps that go under your arm, pull over your head placing the harness into position and snap the undone strap back into place.


Sizing & Fit:

S/M - Under 6'1 or if your chest is under 46 inches at its widest point, typically measuring from just under the arm pits

L/XL - If you are over 6'1 or if you have a chest that measures over 46 inches from its widest point


Leather Maintenance:

Men's Room leather products can easily be maintained with occasional use of Mister B Leather Cream found under the leather or accessories section of the Online Store.